Feminist Shelves is an ever-growing collection of key feminist texts.

This collection acts as an introduction to key feminist texts and hopefully will inspire you to look further. The foundation of this collection was built in collaboration with members of Newcastle Women’s Collective, North East Feminist Circle, and North East Feminist Gathering.

You won’t be able to access the texts through this site, but a list of titles will be posted so that you can find titles at a glance.  You can use this site to find titles in the following ways:

  • Browse The Shelves for featured titles
  • Scroll through the Bibliography
  • Select a category from the Collections
  • Use the tag cloud

If you are after something specific, please use the search bar.  If you can’t find something, please recommend it.

Feminist Shelves is a growing collection, not every feminist text is listed right now.  Please RECOMMEND A TEXT.  This collection will only grow with your help!